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Release Notes

Please find updated information below for the latest features and bug fixes for our Mobile Apps.

Back Paddock Mobile v3.3 out now!


Cheat Sheet Archive:

Back Paddock Mobile v3 May 2014 Cheat Sheet 

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Bugs/Features current v3

  • Add map as an appendices to your emailed Recommendation, show Mix # for each paddock
    • Touch Settings and make sure your Include Map is switched on
    • Touch Preview, your map will appear. Zoom as required, touch Map to toggle between street, satellite and hybrid views and touch Done when ready
    • Send your Recommendation with map screenshot included!
  • Show Crop Colours on Map from Master Database  **Just set your defaults in the MDB and sync!
  • Add Auto-Calc to mapping for paddock size with ability to re-calculate as required
    • For existing maps, touch Select Layer – choose your paddock and Commands – Re-calculate area to use this function
    • New paddocks drawn on the App will automatically have area calculated, this can be manually overwritten if required in Add Paddock screen
  • Add Diary as appendices to email if Rec created from Diary
    • Create your Diary event, touch Recommend within the Diary, adjust as required
    • Touch “Include Associated Diary” on in the Rec Settings, Preview and Send!
  • Save and Load Recommendation Comments and Mixes
  • Choose Rotation years shown on App (3 year period)
    • Touch Rotations in the Mobile App, touch Configuration and use the up and down arrows to set year data for Rotation and Area summary
  • Add $/rec as configuration option in Recommendations
    • Touch Settings on the Recommendation Mix page and scroll down to Show Price, data from MDB
  • Add Portrait Diary option
    • Touch Settings on Diary page to access
  • Add “Hybrid” option to Map interface (touch Map from Map to toggle street, satellite, hybrid) 
  • Adjust colour schemes for Plan/Actuals (Plan = green, Actuals = white) 
  • Add Paddock and Farm name to Input Summary 
  • Application Events: Add “Delete all paddocks” option for users
  • Add ability to select Management Zone when copying Rec to Plan/Actuals (touch paddock on “copy recommendation” screen and use pop up box to select correct zone) 
  • Add farm name to paddock name on recommendations if two paddocks have same name in file

Bug Fixes

  • Rec job numbers not incrementing between App and PC (touch the (i) in Recommendations to ‘set job number seed)
  • Copy nutrient rec to Actuals copying to Sprays and not copying rate
  • Paddock area adjusting to 6 decimal places after area adjusted on App
  • Add ability to view/edit management zone area on App, not just whole paddock
  • Management zone area (when second selected) not copying to Rec, whole area used instead
  • Date and time stamp on diary media need to remain static as the day they were taken/imported
  • Chemicals within Mix changing order after copy to Plan/Actuals
  • Load Mix not updating WHP, Rainfast and Plantback, not refreshing when product changes made
  • Not allowing Variety to be manually entered if not in picklist

Previous versions bug fixes / features

Back Paddock Mobile v3