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Lab Result Upload

Import historical sample results into SoilMate

Welcome to SoilMate! If you are on this page we understand that you have some historical sample results that you would like to import into the SoilMate program. We would love to help you do this.


Please follow these steps to submit your historical samples for import.


Process Summary:

  1. Create and save Order in SoilMate
  2. Download applicable Excel Template below
  3. Enter results into Excel Template (using same Order and barcode information as SoilMate Order)
  4. Save completed template to your computer
  5. Upload completed Excel Template here (save to disk option)
  6. Back Paddock will process your samples
  7. Results will be sent to you following standard procedures (by email) within 3 business days
  8. Samples will be invoiced as per pricing below
  9. Results are imported normally into the SoilMate program



This service is charged on the following fee structure. Charges below apply per Excel upload file, so if 3 files are submitted with 4 sample results each 3 x $60 ex GST is charged. Multiple Farm / Paddock sample results can be submitted in the one template.

Number of Sample Results per upload file
Price ex GST per upload file
1 - 5 $60 Total
6 - 20
Negotiated, please contact Back Paddock for pricing. Current price for >50 sample results per upload file is $4/sample


Purchase Order and Barcode information:

If you do not have a unique Business Purchase Order you would like to use for your submission we suggest your initials followed by the Date code, for example BPC010117. Your Order must be logged into SoilMate following standard procedures before your completed template can be accepted by the Support team.

Similarly, our system requires each sample results barcode to be unique to our system. Barcodes or identifiers used by Laboratories for the results you have may not be unique in our system now or as we add barcodes into the future. Please create barcodes using the following protocol. Three letters, followed by the date code and a sample number, example BPC010117001, BPC010117002, BPC010117003……

Samples should be logged to Laboratory "Virtual Lab" with Product Code VL-STH-01 for soil samples, VL-PTH-01 for Plant and VL-WTH-01 for Water samples. Each sample type has a unique template as linked below.


Excel Template information:

Soil Template

Soil Template (Nutrient Advantage Lab Only)

Plant Tissue Template

Water Template

One Excel document should be created per Purchase Order number that is to be imported, multiple samples for multiple growers can be imported under a single Purchase Order number following standard SoilMate order processes. Please enter the first barcode into the Lab Report No. field in the Excel document. Please add individual barcodes in individual columns with their corresponding data. Please enter Adviser Name, Email, Number and Trading Name data accurately into your document. Soil Texture and Colour codes are found in the second tab of the Soil Template.


Upload results:

Upload completed results template.


If you have any questions regarding this procedure, please don't hesitate to contact us. Please note, any uploaded files received will be charged according to the structure above. By uploading a file for processing you are confirming that these charges are accepted as quoted in the above pricing structure.