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Back Paddock Aggregated Data Analysis (BPADA) service which will operate in the manner described below.

    1.      Purposes for which data will be used:

Your data will be made anonymous and aggregated at various levels (eg crop type, district, region, state etc.) for 2 main purposes.

    a. Benchmarking Studies; for records of ‘Actual’ production inputs (eg crop/variety/sowing date, fertiliser type/rate/timing, chemical type/rate/timing) and yields, to better understand the drivers of production and profit performance.
    b. Farm Inputs Demand Forecasting; to better understand the trends in aggregate seasonal requirements for agricultural inputs such as seed (crop type/variety), chemical treatments, fertilisers and assist suppliers in avoiding shortages or excessive costs in unused stock.

By Agreeing to Opt-in you are consenting to the data content identified being made available for the purposes described above.

    2.      Anonymity:

This Opt-in does not change privacy anonymity requirements in any way.  Anonymity of the data is a legal requirement in relation to adherence to the Australian Privacy Act 1988 and Australian Privacy Principles.

    3.    Data Ownership: 

This Opt-in does not change claims of data ownership in any way. BPC make no ownership claim in relation to the data content of the Back Paddock Client File identified.

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