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All Fertcare Accredited Adviser services now available

22 September 2016

Flexible training and assessment options coupled with shorter 1-day face-face workshops is now bringing FAA status within reach of agricultural advisors all over Australia.  You can now Upskill with industry accreditation and improve fertiliser advice for clients without the downtime!


Why choose Back Paddock Company for your FAA accreditation?   BPC is the only provider of the FAA Full Service Program, providing farmers and the community with assurance on the process of making fertiliser recommendations based on soil and plant analysis; the FAA program assesses the competence of advisors to develop and provide nutrient recommendations, and includes a regular audit of advisor’s recommendations.


What’s Available from Back Paddock?

  • Better Soils Management *BSM has been assessed by an RTO as meeting Fertcare requirements for ‘initial competence’.

Training Delivery Elements:

• 14 Online Modules including self-paced texts, graphics, audio and video tutorials. Successfully passing a quiz at the start of each module allows users to ‘jump ahead’ to the next module
• 4 Webinars: Held over the month prior to the face-face workshop, these provide the forum to address questions, key principles and explore key local issues direct with technical staff
• 1 day face-face workshop: Discuss in person, understand theories and interpretive processes as well as in-field diagnosis techniques. Complete 4 case studies using SoilMate software and undertake a comprehensive exam against Fertcare standards
• Segment Coverage: The courses are relevant to all agricultural segments – broadacre crops, pastures, horticulture, cotton, dairy and sugar. Courses are delivered nationally but with a Regional crop segment focus.

  • Fertcare C: The 1-day Fertcare Level C course is provided the day after the BSM 1-day face-to-face workshop.

  • SoilMate: Fertcare-assessed nutrient advisory system; the only system that provides advisors with a choice of Fertcare-compliant laboratories while complying with Fertcare Accredited Advisor requirements.

  • FAA Approved Audit Program: Biennial audits of recommendations provide you with an opportunity to check your performance against FAA standards


How can this help your business?

  1. More effective learning: the combination of learning formats (online, webinars and face-face) over a 1 month period empowers participants to work through different topics in their unique learning style to thoroughly understand and consolidate knowledge.
  2. Time-efficient; recognition of your prior learning and skills: Test your knowledge of a topic online first and then invest time according to the gaps in knowledge.
  3. The FAA Full Service from Back Paddock provides the only “one-stop-shop” for accreditation where all required elements for FAA Accreditation status are provided in one co-ordinated and very cost-effective package.



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