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Back Paddock Adviser / Manager v10.9.1.1

27 May 2018

Back Paddock Adviser / Manager (BPAM) version has now been released and is available for download.

If you have a local version of Back Paddock Adviser / Manager you will be prompted to update when starting the program. This will download an installer which you are required to run and follow the prompts on the installer interface to complete the update. BPAM will restart when you click Finish.

All WebConnect users already have the update installed for you and you are not required to do anything.

All Cameyo Back Paddock Adviser users will be prompted to take the update ( for users that have not disabled this function) and this will complete automatically in the background while they continue to use the application.

In this version we have focussed on overhauling the Master Database sync and sharing capability. Please see below for a full list of New Features / Enhancements and Bug Fixes icluded in version

Download the update here

New Features / Enhancements

  • Added the ability to be able to Sync a Master Database from CornerPost to Back Paddock Adviser / Manager. Included Master Database sharing via http://cornerpost.net.au
  • Updated Master Database sync process to a new Application Programming Interface to allow for per record sync resulting in faster more reliable data transfer between devices.
  • Added a data progress screen that appears during sync, Master Database start, Set Master Data File and Compact & Repair Database processes.
  • Added Sync before opening client file. All client files must sync prior to opening if the Current SYNC. STATUS is Update Available on CornerPost or Update Available on CornerPost and Local Changes. If the file has no updates, it will open as normal.
  • Added ability for organisations / groups that wish to lock editing of a Master Database to ensure product naming is consistent for reporting. Fertiliser Custom Blend table added that is excluded from edit restrictions.
  • Added back the ability to create an Arable Map from importing a separate kml or shape file that is different from boundary. Paddock dropdown box control for assigning paddock name to polygon has replaced text box in Arable view.


Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue with linking paddocks where paddock was able to be linked to itself which caused data duplication errors.
  • Fixed licencing error for BPAM Adviser reporter where this licence was allowing a user full access to edit Plan / Actuals. Reporter is a view only application version that allows report printing and Diary editing only.
  • Fixed Master Database Sync process writing incorrect string when a cell value is NULL.
  • Fixed Master Database table order (A to Z) changes not being retained after a completed sync.
  • Fixed Linked paddocks not updating when data was modified in the parent paddock.
  • Fixed program crash event that occurred when using Map Nav mode to change or add Crop type / Variety in Management Zone.
  • Fixed a bug in  Master Database Compact & Repair function that did not alert user whether it had completed or not. Added ‘Operation Completed Successfully’ notification.
  • Fixed a bug that was preventing Auto Paddock and Farm Name import from being recognised when importing a shape file via Farm tab > Maps
  • Fixed an issue with Copy/Paste function when appending data that required a user to re-select linking option>grain for the tonne figure to reset to destination paddock figures.
  • Fixed an issue where PSAR WUE paddock summaries showed paddock yield, but was linked to Expected Production from Plan, rather than Units Sold in Actuals. This now reports Units Sold from Actuals, by management zone.
  • Fixed rRate in XML file from BPAM Desktop contain values that cause xml parser to error resulting in failed sync of client file data.
  • Corrected polygon deletion control that was causing an Invalid Map Layer error on Back Paddock Mobile when maps were synced from Back Paddock Adviser / Manager.

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