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Back Paddock System: Client Training

10 July 2013

Book a free training session for any of our Back Paddock products by contacting the Help Desk on 1800 557 166 option 1 or email support@backpaddock.com.au 

For new users - It is highly recommended that new users complete an initial start-up training which includes setup. This will ensure that users utilise the program to its fullest potential and reduce errors.

For existing users - There are many functions and shortcuts that have been implemented through the years. A short 30 minute training session will highlight new functions and tried and true shortcuts to make using the program more effective and efficient saving you time and increasing the quality of information output. 

Training can be conducted as individual or group sessions.


Help Sheet Instructions from our Online Help Desk 24/7

Help sheets are available on our website for all our products – these are ‘click by click’ instructions on how to use the program.

www.backpaddock.com.au >  Help Desk > Click Product Name > How to Guides


Online Consultant

Instantly contact us or leave us a message via our Online consultant at:

http://www.backpaddock.com.au/help-desk  > click on Online Consultant and follow the prompts


Help Desk

For any questions, queries, error assistance, sales or to book training please contact the Help Desk between 7:30am and 5pm weekdays on 1800 557 166 - Option 1.