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Data Farming Update

17 January 2018

Powering streamlined solutions in agriculture.

Industry veterans Peta and Tim Neale launch DataFarming.


Data Farming is a launch integration partner with Back Paddock for the Opterra platform for digital agriculture and is set to drive the basis of enabling spatial imagery across mainstream broadacre in Australia, by making the information more accessible through automation and affordable for broader use. The service launches at the end of summer with the availability of NDVI imagery, in preparation for 2018 winter crop-management. The Opterra platform enables the spatial information to be integrated directly to Back Paddock Adviser and Mobile, for both planning and in-field purposes.


For 20 years, Peta and Tim Neale have fostered strong relationships with a wide range of stakeholders in the agricultural industry. Together, they  have developed customised technology and software applications that first brought ‘precision agriculture’ into mainstream awareness.


Now the pair are championing the next stage of technological growth in agriculture – with the official launch of Data Farming. From Wednesday 11th October, farmers will be able to access a free online app that provides satellite imagery of any given property.


Although satellite imagery is not a new concept, DataFarming aims to present this information in a manner that has practical applications – and is completely automated. For example, when used effectively, satellite imagery offers a powerful means for farmers to monitor crop growth, crop yield and other productivity issues.


Providing actionable insights from data


Whilst various companies offer ‘big data’ to agricultural clients, Peta and Tim focus on ‘small data’ that is user friendly. Their belief is that information collected on-site should be simple to interpret and should underpin informed decision-making.

Unlike competitors, many of the software tools that DataFarming offer are completely free. Peta and Tim instead focus on creating actionable insights from data – interpreting satellite imagery, production trends and other core datasets – to assist farmers with planning and productivity.


Welcome to DataFarming


DataFarming is an Australian ag-tech company that is developing integrated, easy to use, intelligent, precision technology solutions. DataFarming streamlines the process of capturing data, developing insights, and harvesting value in complex agricultural systems.


Our solutions allow farmers, agronomists, and industry to access real-time spatial agriculture data, with the aim to reduce risk and improve production. Our solutions focus on removing the barriers to adoption of precision ag technologies. We use spatial data analytics and artificial intelligence and provide end users with simple, real time intuitive cloud based solutions.


Our approach is based on integration, collaboration, and harnessing the value of technology and deep insights to provide the agricultural industry with the tools to farm and make decisions in the agriculture industry with more precision.

Actionable solutions

DataFarming provides actionable solutions for two distinct types of agricultural clients:

Service businesses who require site specific data (The Digital Agronomist™)

Industry level partners who require Agri-Intelligence™ (derived from the integration of site specific data for region-wide insights)


Our clients are leaders in their chosen fields, and benefit from DataFarming’s insights by accessing business solutions that are directly applicable and actionable.

With these distinct client segments in mind, DataFarming has developed a suite of tailored products, designed to meet specific needs.



Our technology solutions


The Digital Agronomist™


Tailored to meet the needs of agronomy service providers, The Digital Agronomist™ provides real-time crop health assessments, yield maps, variable rate prescriptions, and other key datasets to ultimately increase productivity and profitability.


Using current industry software to complete these processes is a long and tedious process – often involving up to 15 steps, and requiring specialist knowledge. DataFarming’s tools provides agronomic solutions such as variable rate files in 1 simple step, in real time, in a user-friendly format, and in-field where required.


The Digital Agronomist™ addresses the market’s need for real-time access to digital agricultural data, formatted in a user-friendly manner. Agronomists know that correct timing for planting, pesticide, and fertiliser applications are critical, however they do not always have easy access to data and analysis to inform this process.

 The Digital Agronomist will provide access to automated PA data which allows strategic soil and crop sampling in identified zones, seasonal forecasts, and in crop monitoring and alerting.


Our product enables agronomists to focus on areas that will reduce costs, increase yields, and improve sustainability. The Digital Agronomist™ will apply artificial intelligence to provide actionable solutions for our service provider clients.




The DataFarming team work collaboratively with leaders in research, commercial business, and technology development to build agricultural intelligence solutions, using machine learning to develop insights never before seen in crop production. Commercialisation of research is a key focus and our partnership with 3 leading Australian Universities provides the science behind our agri-intelligence solutions.


Real experience


What sets DataFarming apart, is that our company is led by two of Australia’s pioneers in precision agriculture, Tim and Peta Neale. DataFarming is also backed by one of Australia’s largest privately owned Agricultural, Engineering and Environmental consultancies, Premise Australia.


Tim and Peta have been precision ag consultants for 15 years – and have pioneered much of what is happening in this space today. The DataFarming team of software developers, field technicians, and consultants are closely aligned to agronomists and the service industry alike.


Together, we strive to assist farmers, agronomists, and industry players to derive measurable value from spatial data. DataFarming focuses on offering valuable information but in an integrated, accessible, user-friendly, and low-cost manner.

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