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Online Support - What is Available?

22 April 2016

We, at Back Paddock, understand that everyone is different and learns in lots of different ways. To facilitate this and make our products more accessible to everyone, we have a number of different ways and means for you’re able to obtain assistance in any situation.

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Online Agronomic Calculators available NOW!

2 September 2015

We at Back Paddock are the first to admit that we have not been blessed with the ability to stare deep into a crops eyes and provide exactly the right nutrition at exactly the right time. Nor have we been able to cultivate the aptitude to glance at raw laboratory results and calculate exactly what needs to happen, when.

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SoilMate 7 available now!

27 November 2013

We are proud and excited to announce that we have unpacked the boxes and stocked the shelves with our brand new SoilMate 7, available here NOW!  

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