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Fertcare B

16 November 2011 | Categories: , , , ,

In a business if the staff are up to date and know what they are talking about the efficiency and sales improve dramatically. It is often thought that the sales person is the agronomist in the field but often a sale is closed or initiated by a member of the staff in the branch office.

If everybody at a branch has the knowledge and confidence of the products being sold it increases the sales capacity of the business. This is especially true with fertiliser sales. Often a farmer will walk into a branch looking to buy fertiliser either on the recommendation of his agronomist or on the strength of what was used last season. This is the first step in the sale, but the sale is not completed until the order is placed and settled. There is potential for losing the sale if the staff member attending the farmer does not know what he or she is talking about.

So how does a staff member in a branch get the knowledge of fertilisers to be confident in dealing with a customer?

Knowledge can be gained in several ways:

a)      Experience

b)      Formal Training

c)      A combination of a and b

The Fertcare B course is designed to give staff members in a branch this formal knowledge. It is a course for staff requiring an awareness of fertiliser products and it covers the following:

  1. Soil properties that can lead to production problems.
  2. Nutrients needed by crops and animals
  3. The role of soil amendments
  4. The five nutrient management risk categories
  5. Fertiliser application methods
  6. How to take soil, water and plant tissue samples
  7. Regulations, security and OHS issues

It makes sense to equip all the staff in a branch with knowledge be it fertiliser knowledge or general product knowledge so that clients are dealt with efficiently and potential sales are not lost due to ignorance of a product.