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31 January 2018

 Targeted Better Soils Management (BSM) Online Training – Is this an option? 

Dr Chris Dowling: “Yes it is … development of content BSM for Grain is well advanced and BSM for Cotton currently being scoped - both are being targeted for inclusion in (but not exclusive to) the NSW AgSkilled programme in 2018. Other courses will include sugar, horticulture, intensive pasture and extensive pasture.”

What is in it for me? 

This is an exciting and informative opportunity for advisers and farmers to pursue excellence in soils and plant nutrition for themselves and, is also well-suited to advisers pursuing excellence in precision agriculture.

Back Paddock are committed to providing online training that not only looks impressive on the resume, but are actually enjoyable to complete by catering for all learning styles. The inherent benefits of online training ensure that our courses are built for the Australian Agricultural ‘climate’ (cramming at 10pm anyone?), while our Training team have taken the time to brainstorm and include specific features to grant you a personalised approach to your certification.

Successful completion of this course can be used to obtain Statement of Attainments (SOA’s) from the RTO to be put towards any future tertiary qualifications.

What topics does this course cover?

Our Online BSM course covers a range of topics including but definitely not limited to:-

✓      Principles of Plant Growth and Development

✓      Soil Fertility, productivity, pH, acidity and structure

✓      Soil and Water Sampling

✓      Trace Elements

✓      Crop Rotation Audits

✓      Nitrogen – including how to calculate Nitrogen fertiliser requirements,

✓      Phosphorus, Potassium, Sulphur, Calcium, Magnesium



What makes this course different?

At Back Paddock, we understand that everyone learns differently so we have made sure that our professionally designed courses that we offer online are:

Interactive – Online training is not done in isolation and engaging with your online colleagues pays dividends. Everyone has valuable comments to make and questions to ask.

Blended Learning … for better, long-term retention of information - having more control over the pace at which you can learn, and as well as the opportunity to revisit course content as needed. In addition, the video and audio materials used in our online learning can also make the whole learning process more fun, yet effective.

Practical, relevant and suitable for a range of skill and experience levels – our courses have been developed in conjunction with industry experts so you can be sure that when the course is finished you can apply the knowledge you have gained in a practical way. If you are hungry to learn more there are lots of neat little calculators, apps and external content for you to be able to sink your teeth into.  Your knowledge is also tested throughout the course so that you are confident to apply your new skills in the workplace.

External Industry Specialists – to make sure you get the very best of information during your course, we use our industry connections to bring in external expertise in different specialist areas all in the one area.

Trainer Support – Our online training courses has a Trainer that you can contact at any time to help you with any queries. Everyone needs help at times and this one-to-one contact ensures that you are not left in a learning vacuum where you are unsure about any aspects.

And another benefit of our course ….

Are you looking for your Fertcare Accredited Adviser (FAA) qualification? The core content of our Better Soils Management course meets all of the requirements for Fertcare Accredited Adviser (FAA) qualification – yes – you read correctly … ALL of the requirements, and, can you believe it … in this one course.




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