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SoilMate 7 available now!

27 November 2013

We are proud and excited to announce that we have unpacked the boxes and stocked the shelves with our brand new SoilMate 7, available here NOW!  

You’ve heard the rumours, you’ve seen the snippets and we can assure you the updated SoilMate 7 is dressed to impress, and ready to be taken anywhere.


Want it, need it, gotta have it? Take 5 minutes to back up your data (click Tools from inside your SoilMate program > Back Up and Restore > Back Up) then close down your SoilMate program, wave goodbye to the old and update here  Download SoilMate 7 now!


    So, what's new?

With the future in mind, we have stripped back the covers and re-compiled our program with a brand new interface. Touch screen friendly, clean, simple. We have identified Simplicity and Functionality as two main objectives for our new release; making it fast for you to get in, do your PC work, and get back out in the field before the mud dries on your boots.

Got time for another sneak peak? Check out our new Sample Logging form. Just one form per PO for all the soils, plants, petioles, waters and feed samples you have to log. Enter your PO and lab, then just start adding in the barcodes one after another and use our simple “Parent Barcode” dropdown to link surface and sub soil samples. You called, we answered.

This is just the beginning! The train has pulled up at the station, it’s time to jump on board and check it out. Keep an eye out for these little beauties:


New Lab Results interface - where the Single Click rules the roost

We challenge you to find something lab test related that you cannot do from this screen, with just a Single Click. Preview Lab Results, enter the Recommendation Wizard, view your PO details, your GPS coordinates… it’s just all there.


Recent list

What was that PO you were working on before lunch? Or that Rec you created just the other day for Old Mate? Our new SoilMate 7 opens with a Recent list in the home page, providing you with your recent activities and a single-click way back into them.


Bug Fixes

Not only have bugs been fixed, they have been prevented. How many users struggled to determine which logging form was best? Or had Blocked Samples from a PO not uploading? Or didn’t know if they were supposed to download or upload to CornerPost? Prevention is the best medicine; we’ve made the program do the hard yards for you behind the scenes leaving you with time to do the things you need to do.

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