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Update now! Back Paddock Mobile App

28 June 2018


We have never been more excited to say… Update your Back Paddock Mobile app now!


That’s right, the much-anticipated update to your Back Paddock Mobile product is available on the App Store for immediate download. This one is rich with bug fixes, improvements and some under-cover re-wiring to continue to improve stability moving in to this next season. May it rain.


Key high notes:

  • Add Push notification option to prompt a user to Sync when Updates are Available on CornerPost
  • Regain ability to deselect paddocks from a Rec without a current year sowing date
  • Regain ability to auto-fill crop and variety from Paddocks in Rec
  • Add SIF print option to SoilMate Mobile

    But wait, there’s so much more...


Solutions within this update include New Features, Bug Fixes, and Enhancements designed to improve your experience when using our products. Please see here for the full list of inclusions.


If you have automatic downloads for the App Store enabled then your Back Paddock Mobile app will likely be updated already to version 4.2. If not and you are viewing this email on your iPad or iPhone you can update by clicking the app store link below.


We look forward to bringing you more exciting updates, features, and fixes as the year progresses, and hope you enjoy your upcoming experiences with our products.



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