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Back Paddock SoilMate Mobile

Back Paddock SoilMate Mobile is a breakthrough in providing professional agronomist's with a tool to use in the field (literally).

SoilMate Mobile is designed for the Apple iPhone and iPad devices and enables laboratory samples to be collected and logged in the paddock or on the block, electronically recording all the information required to capture a sample and automatically route the details to the laboratory (the pre-logging process), who in turn processes the sample and uploads the results directly to Back Paddock CornerPost.

SoilMate Mobile synchronises with Back Paddock CornerPost and is desiged to run entirely offline when no internet connectivity exists.  When the professional agronomist is travelling to a farm outside of wireless range, they simply synchronise to CornerPost prior, ensuring the iPhone or iPad is carrying the latest data.  Once back in range, the device will re-synch with CornerPost updating both the agronomist's system as well as routing the sample order information directly to the laboratory they've chosen to use.