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Back Paddock Reader

Back Paddock Reader is an integral component of the Back Paddock System. It enables professional agronomist's and merchandise businesses to more easily share information with their farm-clients by electronically sharing any and all updates. It is is freely distributable to all clients who can read and print reports as well as email to other interested parties.

Back Paddock Reader is essentially Back Paddock Manager, where we've set the underlying database to be read-only.  This enables the farm-client to 'consume' information about the produciton planning and recording process, from their advisers and suppliers.  On setup, Back Paddock Reader is configured in a 'trusted-relationship' with the adviser and/or the mechandise business.  This relationship is then managed by CornerPost, enabling seamless updates to be synchronised betwen the parties.  The process of updating on the farmers end is simply to open Back Paddock on their computer, which will query CornerPost for any changes.  Of course, if the farm-client wishes to participate in the proces of entering or changing information within the system, they can easily upgrade to Back Paddock Manager Premium or Standard without losing any of their exisitng information.

Back Paddock Reader requires user-registration in order to determine and authorise the trust relationship between farmer and adviser.