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Standard N budgets retire gracefully; enter new Opterra N Pools calculator

 Katy Lee    10 Jun 2022 : 14:52
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Insensitive nitrogen budgets that don't help you understand and quantify N cycle pools have been put out to pasture.

We think your '22 winter crop soils have some surprising (and profitable!) stories to tell you.

That’s it, we said it! And we are here to turn up the noise on those stories.. BUT before we reach for our high horses saddled and waiting to RIDE AT DAWN let’s go to the research, prove it AND learn how to fix it.

Hint: it’s all about nitrogen pools and variances in nitrogen uptake efficiency dependent on the nitrogen source.

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Introducing our early bird Opterra eLearning offer (free for subscribers! Available at an early bird price for guests) with the Opterra N Pools Calculator series.

To understand how quantifying N cycle pools can improve nitrogen management and profitability, watch Opterra N pools Video 1 below. We’ll see you after!

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