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Industry Training

Back Paddock Company is an Australian company that provides cutting edge training courses aimed at our Agronomist/Adviser or Farmer clients.

Our courses are now available online or by distance delivery,
book your course here to view available dates, and enrol. Unsure which course suits best? Take our Training Quiz to determine how best to reach your goals.

Why is training important?

Keeping abreast of current industry developments in soil management and plant nutrition is key to successful and profitable business growth in farming and agriculture.

Why train with Back Paddock?

Our courses are specifically designed for farmers, graziers, agronomists and advisors across Australia and are run by real people, for real people. No jargon! 

Back Paddock has an excellent record extending over 20 years in delivering comprehensive and professional programs, combining the best theoretical knowledge from highly qualified trainers together with a wealth of practical experience gained from extensive industry backgrounds.  It all adds up to the best results for you.

Back Paddock Company uses its wealth of hands-on agronomic soil health and plant nutrition experience to provide up-to-date and informative training courses that will help you find answers to many different topics including the connections between soils, plants, nutrient cycling, microbes and your time management.

Our courses are aimed at developing strong foundation skills in soil and plant nutrition, for improved agronomic results and subsequent business growth. Back Paddock Company also undertakes industry training in the form of our flagship independent course – Better Soils Management as well as Fertcare training.

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