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Agronomic Consulting

Back Paddock Company's agronomic technical services are headed by Dr. Chris Dowling, one of Australia's leading specialist's in the management of soils and plant nutrition.

  • Back Paddock's specialist expertise and skills in plant nutrition and soil fertility delivered independently and objectively, and connectivity to a large network of agronomists are the catalysts for Back Paddock's selection to be involved in the building and maintenance of computer-based crop nutrition decision support systems for Australia’s biggest fertiliser companies.
  • Large publically funded plant nutrition and soil fertility projects such as Better Fertiliser Decision for Grazed Pastures in Australia (2004-2007), Better Fertiliser Decisions for Cropping in Australia (2009-2012), GRDC Nutrient Management Initiative (2004-2008),   DAFF  Healthy Soil Initiative (2005-2007).

Please consult with Back Paddock if you need the following services in the area of plant nutrition, soil fertility, and agricultural production planning:

  • Specialist expertise and skills delivered independently;
  • Development of training materials to RTO standard;
  • Industry research, new product development, and market evaluation and troubleshooting;
  • Direct link to the Australian agricultural industry and market intelligence;
  • Agricultural industry advocacy.