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CornerPost ™

Back Paddock CornerPost is the glue that binds the entire Back Paddock System together.

So what’s CornerPost really?

To simplify, it’s both a ‘cloud’ system that binds our whole system together up your data. Physically, it’s an enterprise-grade database system that lives in the Back Paddock Data Centre and does the heavy lifting for all aspects of and managing information

But it’s not its’ physical appearance that’s impressive.   CornerPost’s architecture is cutting-edge and has enormous potential for expansion in the future. Even with the users onboard today we are barely skimming the top off the capabilities of this beast.

CornerPost gives users the ability to aggregate information across their clients to create reports across their whole business.

Architecture 2

CornerPost's fundamental function is to poll for devices 'out there in the world', looking for changes in the information being shared by thousands of users and their devices. But, it's much more than that.

It also features a powerful capability known as Global Catalogue that holds hundreds of product lines from dozens of suppliers, as well as a powerful customisation capability that enables multi-user businesses to and manage their particular system, that in turn is synchronised to the various devices such as desktop PC's, laptop's, iPhone's and iPad's. This capability enables one administrator to manage the product catalogues, operational tasks and for hundreds of advisers and users...it is a powerful system.