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Mobile Apps

Back Paddock's mobile solutions are designed to make work easier in the paddock or on the block.

Back Paddock has several Mobile Apps available, both for subscribers of our desktop software products and those not subscribed. Back Paddock Mobile is supplied FREE with a subscription of Adviser Professional, Manager Premium, or SoilMate Professional desktop programs, while our Adviser or Manager Mobile Apps are paid stand-alone Apps for those who do not want the full functionality provided by the desktop.

Back Paddock Mobile is an integrated version of the SoilMate laboratory sample ordering and the Adviser agricultural spray recommendation in one application - it is bundled with your Back Paddock Professional subscription, which means - if you have an iPhone or an IPad (and an active subscription) you can now download it free of charge from the AppStore.

What does the Back Paddock Mobile App do?

The new and improved Back Paddock Mobile App is designed to be your Friend in the Field! Capturing all the best functions of both our Adviser and SoilMate App it certainly knows how to keep it together. From viewing, creating, and recording Spray Recommendations to capturing photos, videos and voice clicks for a nominated paddock, mapping, or logging samples, this App is right there with you.

We have plucked and teased our way down to make this App simple and streamlined, performing the functions you require on the spot without too much unnecessary bulk.

No internet out in the backfield? Not a problem! With this App it is completely interactive in the field, storing all data until you are within wi-fi range, then just one button and up she goes! Synching through CornerPost with your program to ensure you always have the information you require.


These Apps are all available at the App Store on your Apple device by searching for “backpaddock” (no spaces).

I am a subscriber to Adviser Professional, Manager Premium or SoilMate Professional

This App is FREE for you - the mobile applications are bundled with your Adviser Professional, Manager Premium or SoilMate Professional subscription, at no additional cost.

I am not a subscriber, and just want the Stand-alone Paid Version (Adviser or Manager Mobile)

This App is available at the stand-alone price from the App-store on your Apple Device,   it is designed for users that do not have an active subscription.  Note:  Connection to CornerPost can be arranged for a yearly licence fee

The new and improved Adviser or Manager Mobile (currently the same design) is designed to be used standalone and facilitate your requirements out in the paddock, with a Paddock Diary, Spray Recommendation (and Application), and basic Mapping functionality, however, it does not include SoilMate.

The Standalone App can be linked to an Agronomist that uses Back Paddock by a monthly subscription to CornerPost Connect.

Please note: Adviser is for the advisor/agronomist; Manager is for the farmer, grower, and grazier.  Adviser and Manager mobile have the same functionality at this stage.

Here is one scenario for you: If you happened to be linked to an agronomist using Manager Mobile with CornerPost Connect, he would be able to send recommendations to your device instantly. From there you could keep Spray Application records with dates, weather conditions, the rate you ended up using, and much more… You would then be able to send these records back to your Agronomist for their records on where you are at with your spray program. You can even add and apply your own spray recommendations as required.

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