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4 June 2012 | Categories: , , , ,

In keeping SoilMate aligned with scientific and industry standards it has been decided to align the reporting units for the major cations (calcium, magnesium, potassium, sodium and aluminium) and effective cation exchange capacity (eCEC) with the standard units used by the research community for a number of years. This will see the universally used milliequivalent/100 g (meq/100g) replaced by the cmol(+)/kg.   Fortunately this replacement is in name only and the critical levels that you may remember will remain unchanged as 1 meq/100g = 1 cmol(+)/kg as will the calculation of exchangeable cation percentages.

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SoilMate ver 6.0 Available Now

2 January 2012 | Categories: , ,

Back Paddock is pleased to announce the release of SoilMate ver.6.0
The latest version, 6.0, of SoilMate is now easier and quicker to use. Back Paddock has made the program more intuitive and therefore quicker. The models that are used in SoilMate have been updated with the latest research information giving you confidence that the results from the models are meaningful.

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20 September 2011 | Categories: , ,

Are you interested in what’s happening to the Nitrogen that you are putting into your irrigation water? If so this new test will give you the answers.

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NEW !! Potato Skin Test

19 September 2011 | Categories: , ,

Potatoes store better and are less subject to bacterial soft rot when the peel of the potato contains sufficient calcium. In trials it has been found that there is a correlation between a reduction in bacterial soft rot and an increase of calcium in the peel of a potato tuber.

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