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Services for the Australian agricultural industry designed to support positive growth and improvement
in how leading agricultural professionals conduct their business.


Industry Training

Back Paddock Company is an Australian company that provides cutting edge training in the areas of FertCare, Agronomic, and Farmer Training.


Agronomic Consulting

Back Paddock Company's agronomic technical services headed by Chris Dowling, one of Australia's leading specialist's in the management of soils and plant nutrition.


Technology Consulting

Back Paddock's Technology Consultants are experienced industry people with many years business and system analysis, consulting and project management experience.


Back Paddock

Back Paddock is a diversified services company providing technology solutions
for digital agriculture integrating the fundamental aspects of Soil, Water, Plant, and Animal.

Our Humble

The Back Paddock Company has traded continuously since 1996. It has a proud legacy of serving the Australian agricultural industry in the field of farm production planning and agronomic decision-support systems.

Our Transformation
The company began a transformation in 2021,

to redefine its product and service offerings, to better suit the rapidly changing landscape of the Australian agricultural industry. That transformation continues as we move from a developer and vendor of standalone Windows-based software applications, services training, to a developer and vendor of enterprise-class multi-user systems, services and training.



The Vision

The vision and scope of Back Paddock Company is a next-generation Decision Support System designed to integrate the perpetual Farm Production Cycle within a structured business development framework for both agribusiness supplying products and services to the Australian agricultural industry and the professional farm businesses. The system has far-reaching scope across the providing enormous potential for the consolidation of information for financial and technical analysis

Our Values

Innovation - keeping up with trends and requirements is important to us and we are constantly looking for ways to improve our systems in the realm of software, agricultural knowledge and training services for the benefit of our customers

Integrity - strive to be an ethical and responsible company, integral in our actions

Mateship - trust which ensures our honesty and which builds a supportive team and rapport with our customers

Back Paddock

Our Team Members

Back Paddock Staff

Chris Geeves

Chief Executive Officer

Back Paddock Staff

Chris Dowling

Technical Services Manager

Back Paddock Staff

Tom Cowlrick

Sales & Marketing Manager

Back Paddock Staff

Brett Pollard

IT & Product Engineering Manager

Back Paddock Staff

Sirena Fung

Finance Manager

Back Paddock Staff

Jackson Cowlrick

Product Manager

Back Paddock Staff

Gayl Chivers

HR Manager

Back Paddock Staff

Katy Lee

Customer Success Manager

Back Paddock Staff

Pete Orrell

Customer Success Lead

Back Paddock Staff

Lisa Tupua

Customer Success Officer

Back Paddock Staff

Ashok Vanam

Senior GIS Engineering - Lead

Back Paddock Staff

Michelle Hagos

Senior Software Engineer - Lead

Back Paddock Staff

C-Jay Duflo

Web Developer / SQL Engineer

Back Paddock Staff

Reboden Pacquiao

Front-end Web Developer

Back Paddock Staff

Daryl Munoz

QA Specialist

Back Paddock Staff

John Bon Leal

Hybrid Software Engineer

Back Paddock Staff

Darishyl Aquino

QA Specialist

Back Paddock Staff

Venkata Narasimhan

Senior SQL Architect

Back Paddock

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