This package is designed for the farmer or grower that wishes to connect to their team, advisers and consultants and be able to apply Recommendations, record Actuals, or keep Paddock Diary events. The idea is the farmer does 95% of their work on their iPhone or iPad, but is also able to securely login into their information to view in its entirety on the PC, print reports, etc.

We’ve allowed for interaction in Applications and Paddock Diary here, while other sections of the information are managed by the Adviser/Consultant as they’ve traditionally done.

This subscription is for a single user and includes:

  • Back Paddock Mobile App (iOS – single user), Farm Management component, including the ability to assign recommendation tasks to other team members

  • Back Paddock Reporter
    (a read-only version of the client file from PC) via our hosted apps platform for one user. This is a new type of license that enables the farmer to securely connect to their information and see the information collected from the mobile devices. It allows changes to the Paddock Diary to be made as well as managing Recommendations, but not the farm plan or other areas.

  • Online Mapping

Back Paddock Manager Bundle
1 Year Subscription