Combining the power of our Mobile App for recommendations, mapping, diary entries and Plan maintenance with the reporting strengths of our viewer computer software.

Introducing our exclusive field adviser subscription package designed to elevate your farm management experience to new heights. With a seamless integration of our Back Paddock Mobile App and the robust reporting features in Back Paddock computer software, you’ll have everything you need at your fingertips. Gain read-only access to the powerful Back Paddock Adviser program, including comprehensive reports, ensuring you receive a full yet streamlined Adviser experience.

This subscription, tailored for a single user, includes the following key components:

  • Back Paddock Mobile App (iOS, single user) – Farm Management component
  • Back Paddock Viewer for reporting.

Experience the convenience, efficiency, and precision of farm management with our Field Adviser subscription package.

Back Paddock Field Adviser
1 Year Subscription