This package allows for full control over the Back Paddock Mobile App (Farm Management component) and the Manager Premium desktop product for a single or multiple farm operation under the same organisation. The application is available on our hosted applications platform using most web browsers or as a local installation for a windows computer.

This subscription is for a single user and includes:

  • Back Paddock Mobile App (iOS – single user), Farm Management component, including the ability to assign recommendation tasks to other team members
  • Back Paddock Manager premium licence (full data entry control) on our Hosted apps platform (available on any internet-enabled device) or local install
  • Online Mapping

  • Full access to Back Paddock Manager Premium to plan/record and change information created by themselves or their advisers
  • Rainfall records, water use efficiency,
  • Full cost analysis x paddock (Plan and Actuals)
  • Excel export of Plans and Actuals (as Cost Centres for use in accounting/budgeting)
  • On-farm inventory management (inventory deducts as Actuals recorded on App)
  • Nutrient balance (nutrients applied, removed in grain, etc)
  • Spray Diary Report
  • Chemical Group History (for Resistance Management)
  • Livestock planning including mob definition, animal health products, production and more.

Back Paddock Manager Premium
1 Year Subscription