Do you need some help calculating Cation Exchange Capacity or Soil Nitrogen Supply?
Check out 👇our range of agronomic tools.

This is a valuable kit of tools for quick calculations that can assist farmers and Agronomists. The N Pools Calculators, Sodicalc and LimeMate, are some of the 17 calculators available in Tips & Tools   . There are many tools in this package to help quickly quantify the input and output of nutrients for different farming and cropping scenarios.

We’d like you to know that you can contact us at the help desk anytime for assistance with the SoilMate program and any of the tools embedded in it.
We can provide a training session to run through the recently launched N Pools calculator.

Our 17 calculators (soon to be 22) available by subscribing.
Here you will find a suite of useful agronomic tools and knowledge available in Tips & Tools for $175 excl. GST.  

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