Independent soil and plant nutrition training providing student excellence in Agronomy


This will be the most informative soils management training you ever complete! We are passionate about providing you with the updated information and tools that you need to offer your client the best service and agronomic excellence possible.

At the end of this course, you will hold increased knowledge as well as the confidence in your skills to interpret data to provide effective solutions. This gives you greater ability to determine the needs of your client as well as recommend the right fertiliser at the right time so that your clients achieve the best results possible for the season. All too often the knowledge and skills to recommend fertilisers is not covered with conventional education and has to be acquired within the agricultural industry – the information in this course is constantly updated by independent industry experts who are passionate about sharing the knowledge. This training is available ONLINE at your convenience in a self-paced style.


  • Advisors and Agronomists who have an industry-related tertiary qualification or a minimum of two years’ experience in the field of fertilisers and fertiliser recommendations looking for a course that covers the in-depth knowledge in soils, plant nutrition and fertiliser/soil amendment technology.
  • Staff wanting to advance their career towards the role of an agronomist


  • Plant nutrition / physiology – how plants grow and how and when do plants take up nutrients and the effect this has on fertilizer practices including placement, timing and environmental outcomes
  • Soil health – how do your soils stack up to soil health standards and what can be done at your local level to improve soil health and crop production
  • Soil properties – how this is related to management and constraints on production and what can be done to maintain good soil properties at the local level
  • Nutrients – understanding the role in plants, quantities required by plants, measuring plant-available nutrients in the soil, efficiency of uptake and the fertilizers used to make up shortfalls
  • Soil, water and plant tissue sampling – how sampling can help your clients’ production and your business Understand the interpretation process for soil and plant analysis that is used in interpretive software programs such as in SoilMate – practice making competent fertiliser recommendations from the soil and plant tissue tests
  • Course Case Studies are marked and feedback is given in accordance with Fertcare Auditing standards


Back Paddock has been proudly delivering comprehensive and professional training programs for over 20 years and is broadly recognised for industry excellence in the field. We continuously update the information in our training packages with information vetted by our qualified industry experts and ensure our self-paced online platform is engaging, simple to use and ready for you to learn at your convenience.

Please do not hesitate to contact the team for any further information. We look forward to studying with you! 

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