Back Paddock is pleased to offer a new piece of the Professional Development puzzle, this time with a specialised package for those working in or moving towards cotton agronomy. The first of its’ kind, this professional development includes online materials, attendance at a one-day face to face action workshop and 1yr access to a comprehensive library of information and calculators.

What does Dr Chris Dowling say?

What does our first participant, Liz Lobsey of Meteora Agronomic Consulting, say in a Q&A with our agronomist, Robyn?

How are you finding the course material? I really like how easy it is to move through the material. Being that it’s self-paced, there’s no pressure to rush through the information. The framework of the course is well set out. I can go back and read it over several times if I need to. This flexibility allows me time to digest and reflect on the information if needed. A quick glance shows me what is in each chapter, so I know what information is ahead of and where it’s taking me. The information is quite technical and detailed but I’m getting eased into it with a bit of “refresher” content as I work into it. The calculators are super easy to use, no issues, they are self explanatory.

Why did you decide to do this course? This was the perfect course for a “refresher”. Things change, there’s always new research and knowledge to learn about. It’s easy to fall behind. I covered a lot of agronomy in my original studies, which gives me a good grounding in nutrition and I’ve learnt a lot on the job in the industry, but I wanted more soil science background, information. A deeper understanding of what’s going on under my feet.

What is Meteora Agronomic Consulting? What is your work focusing on? We are independent agronomic consultants based on the Darling Downs in Queensland. We pride ourselves on our strong focus on helping our growers to be sustainable, both economically and environmentally, across all crops that we consult on. We have a particular focus on thinking outside the box with our crop nutrition, pest management and irrigation timings to optimise our growers’ yields.

How does this course add value to your business? This course helps me to firm up my thoughts and understanding when considering a particular nutrition issue. The way we use nutrition, how it affects growth and yield, especially NPK, and also how nutrition affects the plant and soil health and disease incidence. This is reflected in the quality of the service Meteora Agronomic Consulting provides.

Thank you Liz for your time and comments!

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