Welcome to a new world of Distant Delivery Learning with Back Paddock Training.

Level A is relatively simple to understand. It is suitable for people involved in the direct handling of fertilisers, particularly in relation to transport, storage, spreading, and general rural merchandise roles.

Fertcare A – Online is offered as an alternative to the traditional USB or CD-based content delivery. 

This version of the course is accessible from any internet-enabled device and cuts down the need to post out material that has caused significant delays.

Level A training requires the completion of a compulsory core module – Product Knowledge – which provides a basic understanding of fertilizer, compost, and soil ameliorant products including: 

  • Physical identification
  • Understanding labels
  • Storage and handling characteristics
  • The main environmental and food safety risks

Level A also has four elective units:

  1. Spreading
  2. Storage (included in FertCare A – Online)
  3. Transport
  4. Customer Service

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