Introducing Katy, Pete and Kevin as the team that answer your calls, emails or online chat!

Let us introduce ourselves!

Have you ever called or chatted online with a HelpDesk and left wondering if you were just talking to a bot, or if there was a living breathing human at the other end? Because same, and I tell you, I’m not keen on being a number and I’m definitely not keen on having to call after I’ve emailed and online chatted. We don’t promise to have all the answers straight away, but we do promise to work as a team to get you the results you need. We are in this for YOU. We will deal with the techy stuff – you didn’t get into Ag to sit behind a desk.

SO our team! We have Katy as Customer Success Manager based in Kempsey (yours truly), I’ve been with BPC for 8 years now and still remember my first day visiting a few fabulous-ites in Gunnedah, I also remember the first time someone told me what a Spray Rec was (thank you John!) . Mate, I have learnt so much from all of you and I’m only just beginning.

We also have Pete based in Armidale, he is our Customer Success Lead and has been with BPC for 3 years and comes from a horti and mixed agri-business background all over Australia. He’s been learning about the database stuff from guru Brett (you know Brett, he’s a magician) and is currently guiding our newest recruit, Kevin.

Kevin comes to us from across oceans in the Philippines! Bless modern technology, Kevin has a solid background in soil science and research and is already hitting the ground running with helping you, our clients, in accessing some of our new shinies like the HTML5 access. Sidenote, did you know you can access SoilMate or Adviser from an ANDROID with HTML5?

That’s enough for me from today, but to hear a running commentary feel free to follow our socials. In amongst the glitter we’ll be showing you glimpses of things you can do now with your existing subscriptions (tried Opterra maps?) and helping clear up any confusion around who we are, what we do and how we go about it.

Feel free to online chat, comment, call, email or whistle – we are here for YOU.