Wet soil conditions, cotton N management, what can you do?

or Nitrogen management in cotton, this year will be like no other. Based on recent events, N management by old ‘rules of thumb’ could be high risk.

This webinar presents the insights of leading independent specialists, and measurements of soil nitrogen from the last 2 weeks.

Aim: Simplify the options to manage this risk based on soils data and current knowledge.


Don’t miss this webinar to get the latest on the potential impacts of recent wet soil conditions on N management for cotton this season.

Speakers include Jon Baird (NSW DPI), Graeme Schwenke (NSW DPI) and Chris Dowling (Back Paddock Company).

The webinar program will include some brief perspectives of soil processes in wet soil, case studies highlighting changes in soil N quantity and profile location, and some suggested alternative seasonal N management approaches.  A generous amount of time has been allocated for attendees’ Q and A within the 1hr session.


  • 3 seconds: Intro and housekeeping
  • 10-15mins: Moisture-induced changes in soil N supply and implications for crop N management (J Baird, NSW DPI)
  • 10-15mins: The opportunity for nitrogen release modification products – when, where and why (Dr G Schwenke, NSW DPI)
  • 10-15mins: Likely changes in soil N since autumn sampling and use of plant tissue to guide N decisions (Dr Chris Dowling, BPC)
  • 15-20mins: Q & A 

Supported by Back Paddock Company, CottonInfo & NSW DPI