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Back Paddock SoilMate

Back Paddock SoilMate is Australia's leading agronomic decision-support solution, combining powerful PC and mobile device-based applications with training and consulting services, as well as Data-Centre based enterprise management.

Back Paddock SoilMate deeply integrates the agronomic function into the Back Paddock System, enabling professional advisers the capacity to measure many aspects of the agronomic process around soils management and plant nutrition.  SoilMate is an independent solution, providing access to Australia's leading analytical laboratories as well as extensive interpretation of results based on hundreds of different crop-types across all arable regions of Australia.

Professional Soil and Plant Tissue Laboratory Test solution with:

Automated Interpretation against benchmark evaluation tables

Automated Fertiliser Recommendation

Advanced Relational Database structure designed for year-on-year Trend Analysis  


Sampling Guides
Sampling Guide- Soil
Sampling Guide- Water for Irrigation
Sampling Guide for Plant Tissue - Annual Vegetables
Sampling Guide for Plant Tissue - Broadacre Crops
Sampling Guide for Plant Tissue - Pastures
Sampling Guide for Plant Tissue - Temperate Tree Crop & Vines
Sampling Guide for Plant Tissue - Tropical / Sub Tropical Tree Crop & Vines