Since its inception in 2012, Back Paddock SoilMate has qualified as a Fertcare Accredited System (FAS) for Soil and Plant Tissue Analysis Interpretation and Recommendation.

Fertcare Accredited System certification is achieved by having the software and support systems audited every two years for compliance to nineteen elements spanning sampling, analytical result, standards control, interpretation, recommendation, monitoring, record keeping and innovation.

Chris Dowling, Back Paddock Company Technical Services Manager commented, ‘SoilMate has always shown a high level of compliance to audit standards but this year’s audit was another step up in the depth of information required for compliance.  Compliance to process and the underpinning scientific evidence to support critical ranges and algorithms was needed for each of the seven ag’ segments nominated.  Previously compliance and scientific evidence were general across all ag segments.  This ensures SoilMate is fully compliant and ready for changes to the standards coming next year where Fertcare-Accredited Advisers will need to demonstrate competence in relevant ag-segments as well‘.

He also commented that ‘We are unique in the industry where crop nutrition decision-support is dominated by fertiliser companies and laboratories.  We are neither; our position is as fiercely independent information brokers letting the pragmatic integration of the science and software do our bidding‘.

Highlights of the feedback report were very favourable comments about the current and planned capabilities of the new Opterra Mapping integration with soil and plant-testing, and the degree of open engagement in scientific interchange with public sector researchers in scrutinising model output and updating algorithms.

Fertcare is an industry-based initiative with the goals of providing scientific and process standards for the interpretation of laboratory results,  product recommendation and fertiliser use including environmental stewardship.  Fertcare Accredited Advisers (FAA) awarded by this industry initiative is now recognised as an eligible qualifier for acceptance as a qualified crop nutrition advisor in environmentally sensitive areas of Queensland and Western Australia where providing professional nutrient advice is under statutory regulation.