The NSW Department of Primary Industry (DPI) has announced $15 million of new funding for the AgSkilled 2.0 training program.

Given the substantial success of Back Paddock’s ProSoils – Grain in the AgSkilled I phase, keep a lookout for our program for ProSoils – Grain under AgSkilled II, in the new year.

In addition to ProSoils Grain, Back Paddock is preparing a new AgSkilled-eligible training structure that includes electives for horticulture and tree crops including specialist content on fertigation.  We’re expecting these will be available in April 2021; these courses are based on blended delivery (online, F2F, and webinars) and are aimed at providing the participant with a practical process for making crop productivity recommendations based on peer-reviewed science.

What is AgSkilled?

AgSkilled 1.0 was a vocational training program for the cotton and grains industry funded by the NSW Government, with industry partners Cotton Australia and the Grains Research and Development Corporation (GRDC).  Starting in July 2017 and lasting 3 years, $14.7 million was allocated for training to increase the skill levels of existing workers and attract new people to the industry.  The AgSkilled 1.0 program has now ceased and AgSkilled 2.0 has been announced.

Keep an eye on AGSKILLED 2.0 here.