As we gear up for the end of spring and the rollout of Opterra capability for 2021, we’re pleased to announce the availability of the new Opterra Zoning service, a premium service provided by DataFarming. The service goes live on Monday 5th October.

The premium service is available for Back Paddock credit-account holders as a postpaid service, meaning you can order imagery across the month on behalf of growers then receive a single bill at end of the month, unified with billing for soil and plant tissue testing. On order completion, we’ll email the zone files in .shp format for upload to the controller.

Who is DataFarming?

DataFarming is an Australian ag-tech company that is developing integrated, easy to use, intelligent, precision technology solutions. DataFarming streamlines the process of capturing data, developing insights, and harvesting value in complex agricultural systems. Our solutions allow farmers, agronomists, and industry to access real-time spatial agriculture data, with the aim to reduce risk and improve production. Our solutions focus on removing the barriers to the adoption of precision ag technologies. We use spatial data analytics and artificial intelligence and provide end-users with simple, real-time intuitive cloud-based solutions.